Metal Storage Tray | CDE102

This metal storage tray is the perfect addition to any workspace, whether it's a home office or a commercial workshop. It's a time-saving and efficient way to keep your space organized, while also providing a durable and practical storage solution.
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$12.30 USD
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Specifications: S Oval Black
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Material: Stainless Steel
Technology: Plating
Usage: Storage, Aromatherapy Candle Tray
Tray Size: S Oval : 18*8.5cm
M Oval : 23*9.5cm
L Oval : 30*9.5cm

Wave : 22*11cm
Shell : 9×7cm
Heart : 9.1×8.7cm
Circle : 10×10cm
Features: This metal storage tray is the perfect solution for organizing and storing small items in your home or office. Constructed from sturdy metal, it is designed to be both durable and long-lasting, capable of handling heavy loads without bending or breaking.

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